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What you can sell?

Everything that is handmade, art and craft supplies can be listed. Supplies can be tools, ingredients, or materials which can be used to create an item. Craft supplies may be handmade or commercial. Reselling of a handmade item is prohibited but reselling is allowed in the art and craft supplies categories. Personalized items can be sold with changes like color, size, name, personal photos, etc.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

It's easy to set up a shop on Artsty. Create an Artsty account (if you don’t already have one), choose a store name, create a listing, set a payment method (how you want to be paid) and finally set a billing method (how you want to pay your Artsty fees).

How does shipping works on Artsty?

Artsty will be providing the shipping facility to artists. As artists are responsible for delivering their products within the time specified while listing the product, please contact the seller support if the item is not picked up on time, artists please keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for making sure that your buyers receive their orders.

How do I get paid?

If you accept payments with UPI, funds from UPI sales on Artsty will be deposited into your UPI account. We encourage sellers to use a UPI Business account and not a Personal account, as personal accounts are subject to monthly receiving limits and can't accept payments from buyers that are funded by a credit card.

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