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Bath & Body Artisan Soap

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Ingredients: Rice bran Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sandalwood fragrance oil, French Rose Clay, Aloe Vera Juice, Himalayan Pink Salt, Kaolin Clay, Tussah Silk Fibres, Lye.

Scent: Sandalwood

Method: Cold Process

Price indicated is for 1 soap

All my artisan soaps are made in small batches, entirely by hand and with only the purest ingredients. Each soap is cured (left to dry) for at least 45 days to make it milder and durable in shower. They do not contain any harsh chemicals, preservatives, bleaches, or fillers. All the natural glycerin that is formed as part of soap making process is retained, and hence the soap cleans without stripping off natural oils.

My formulations are enriched with organic shea butter or cocoa butter or kokum butter, creamy goat's milk or coconut milk, aloe vera juice, vetiver infusions, Tussah silk, himalayan pink salt, natural detoxifying clays, activated charcoal, high quality oils such as olive, coconut, rice bran, sun flower, sweet almond, castor, palm olien etc. for a gentle and luxurious soap with bubbly lather. Steam distilled essential oils or skin safe fragrance oils are used to add freshness to your shower!

Since all my soaps are hand-crafted and hand-cut, each one may slightly differ in appearance from those pictured and that makes them unique.

To ensure durability of the soap, keep it dry between uses

Please do a patch test before use and if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

As soaps are personal hygiene products, return/replacement/refund is not possible.