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Handmade Personalized Resin Wall Clock

Handmade Personalized Resin Wall Clock

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A handmade resin wall clock is a stunning piece of functional art that combines craftsmanship with practicality. Crafted by skilled artisans, this clock is created using high-quality resin, often in a variety of colors or with unique swirling patterns that make each piece one-of-a-kind.

The resin material allows for flexibility in design, enabling intricate detailing or embedding of elements like flowers, glitter, or metallic accents within the clock face. The result is a beautiful, glossy finish that adds depth and character to any wall it adorns.

These clocks come in various shapes and sizes, from classic circular designs to more abstract or geometric forms, catering to diverse tastes and interior styles. Some may feature metallic or wooden elements for the clock hands and markers, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Functionally, they serve as reliable timepieces, with precise quartz movement mechanisms ensuring accurate timekeeping. Additionally, their artistic allure makes them a focal point of decor, enhancing the ambiance of living spaces, offices, or any room they're displayed in.

Given their handmade nature, each resin wall clock carries a unique personality, making it not just a functional timepiece but also a conversation starter and a statement piece in home decor.

Can be customised for any occasion/Situation.

Making time is 1-25 days. Kindly get in touch with us for express delivery or same city delivery.

Delivery Period is 1-25 days. Kindly get in touch with us for express delivery or same city delivery.

Customisation: Please email us all photographs,names or any customisation requirement with your order number at or whatsapp on 9330723331 after you place your order .
Note: Please note that no two handmade items are exactly alike. Little variations in color, shading, texture and shape are inherent in a handmade item. No two items are alike, so that every single one is one-of-a-kind



Please email us all photographs with your order number at or whatsapp on 9330723331 ofter you place your order


Once it is finished, we will share the photo with you and ship the same after approval.

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